Rover Mini

Rover Mini

Rover Mini
Our selection of Rover Mini engine management and Injection kits.

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Bespoke ITG Air Filter for 5 Port Kit

Product no.: SC0143

£95.00 *

A-Series 7 Port Cylinder Head Engine Management Kit

Product no.: SC209

from £2,200.00 *

Rover Mini SPi Plug and Play Typhoon ECU

Product no.: SC0127

from £690.00 *

Ram Pipe for SC 5 Port

Product no.: SC297

from £35.00 *
Old price £35.00

Twin Kam Engine Management Package

Product no.: SC204

from £920.00 *

A-Series 5 Port Engine Management Kit

Product no.: SC208

from £1,280.00 *

Fuel Pump/Swirl Pot Assembly

Product no.: SC304

£260.00 *

Rover Mini MPi Throttle Body Kit

Product no.: SC220

from £1,280.00 *
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